Should I pay off the rest of my car loan?

I currently owe $11,000 on my 2016 Honda Civic. Should I continue paying it off or trade it in and make sure the loan gets completely paid off? Then see about getting an older vehicle that is paid off?

I would say it depends on the APR? My truck is at 1.25% APR… I’m not in a rush to pay it off since I’m getting better returns in my portfolio right now…I do put a few hundred extra towards the loan every month though…

Hey Andrew— Jeremy hasn’t seemed as active on here lately (probably because he’s about to launch his course!) but I asked him the same question a while back and this was his response: Prioritize paying car loan before investing?

Hope it helps!


Hey @Drewski86!

How much do you make per year? Do you have any other debt?