401K and Investing Account Down

I took the course late December last year. Initially the changes I made to the 401K were positive. Both accounts are losing money actually. I assume this is due to the market conditions but talk about bad luck. Anyone else in the same boat?

Everyone is in the same boat! The market is down about 13% this year. Optimal investing can’t magically avoid the downturns, it can just minimize fees so when the market eventually rebounds (which it will) you realize all of the potential gains. Remember to stay the course!

You may want to read this article as a framework of how to best optimize timing these downturns.

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Thanks, @Jeremy for responding. I had read that before and it looks like I got into the game right before the drop. I am still investing in both 401K and my investing account!

Same here Alejandro! I invested a big lump sum of savings in January and now it’s down a lot. I’m trying not to look at it and have an automatic investment once a month that Im trying to look at as being ‘on sale’.
Im sure the market will bounce back up past what it was when we invested. It’s a marathon not a sprint :pray:t3:

Same here Alejandro!
I started investing in February with Fidelity and I already had a 401K.
Trying not too look too often as everything is going down so far…I’m doing automatic investments so I don’t have to log in so much. But what goes down will go up so we just have to be patient.