403/b options

Hi All,
I recently opened a Roth IRA, purchased a fidelity freedom 2055 index fund and maxed it out for 2021/2022. Felt super confident with my decision after everything I’ve learned from this community.
Here’s my issue, I’m now looking at my options for my 403b and I’m unsure if I should go with a 2055 target date fund offered at .46% fee (TRPNX) or if I should attempt to create my own 3 fund portfolio with the few fund options available. I love the idea of the target date index funds but unfortunately none are offered in this case.

Individual funds offered are:
Vanguard 500- VFIAX -0.04%
VIMAX- 0.05%
Vanguard bond-VBILX- 0.07%
International- RERGX- 0.46%

Would love some educated opinions!

Can you find the info in your plan about the TRPNX fund and what funds it holds in what percentage? You should be able to take a guess at the funds you have available. If not I can look them up later and try.

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List of all options