$6000 Max/annually into ROTH IRA

Not sure if this was ready asked. If so just point me into that way! I’m busy at the moment but didn’t want to forget my question like i have two other times and just didn’t log on.

If I was to have $6K in January. Do you recommend investing the whole $6K into my Roth IRA at once? If not, why? I am only able to invest $100/mo and I started I think in May or June. There’s a chance I will have $5K in October. Was wondering if I should invest the whole thing in Oct, or just keep investing small increments $100-$500/mo then and going into 2021… even though I know that I want to be putting in the max each year. Thanks Jeremey!

Hi! I had a similar question before. I can’t remember the exact post, but it seemed like earlier is better than later so in this case just try to max out as soon as you can. And if not, then spreading your investments out is great too! At the end of the day you’re investing which is the most important.


I have the same question

BASICALLY, it doesn’t really matter, but in general earlier is better. So I’d invest the money as soon as you have it, not save it up and dump it in later.

Check out this article for a deep dive on this topic! :slight_smile: