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Love the site. Excellent work. I’m on safari on a 6s plus with all updates complete, if that matters.

  1. I didn’t screen shot it, but should have. When I first logged in, the screen was shaded darker and there was a request to click my notifications I believe, but I couldn’t scroll over to the right to do it. The screen kept popping back to left aligned when I would let go. I was able to touch somewhere else, then could navigate to the notifications to click.

  2. I wish the search tool could be always visible. On the main discussion page, I can’t get to it as far as I can tell. I have to click into a discussion, then scroll down.

I think I’m sort of tech savvy so I could figure it out and work around this. However I’m unsure the average person would figure it out?

  1. Only one image per post? And then I received an error message I couldn’t X out of on safari, noooo! The back button did nothing. I had to reload the page and for a moment considered if all my text was gone, that I would abandon giving feedback instead of retyping, lol. Of course it auto saved so here we are. So thankful.

  2. When I go back to add text into an already formed sentence or word, it keeps capitalizing when I start typing. I mistype a lot, so it’s annoying for me to correct my mistakes and remember to switch to lower case.
    Again the site is lovely, you’re doing a great job, THANK YOU for making feedback so easy, I’m really impressed!