Almost exact mutual funds in my 401k and my brokerage

Does it make sense having the same mutual funds in my brokerage account and in my 401k?

In my brokerage i have VTSAX and VTIAX following 80/20 for this but yet to balance them since i just started and had to do 3k minimum. Went this route so i can automate future investments

My 401k has similar to this but what is readily available to me is VIIIX ,VTPSX and VEMPX.

Currently my 401k has 36% in VIIX, 35% in VTPSX, 23% in VEMPX and 6% in a bond.

Will it make sense to keep it as they are or can i reallocate my 401k because i personally do not like how international and domestic are close in percentage. (The account is being managed but plan to fire my managers now that i have more information)

Fore refence i am 27 and i am one week away from maxing my 401k so the rest of the money will be going to my brokerage. I will also be doing a backdoor roth because of my income. Also planning to max my HSA this year and after that i will just have the brokerage to fund.

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