Backdoor Roth eligibility

Hi Jeremy, thanks for all the educational information you put out regularly- big fan! I believe I can do it too!
I’m trying to grow my financial knowledge on a daily basis.
Quick question- can I do a back door Roth even with a SEP IRA? I have an employer 401k and a personal SEP. can I do a Roth independently and then convert to a backdoor?
Thank you so much sir!

Hey @Gbo!

Thank you! My understanding is yes, the Backdoor Roth IRA isn’t impacted by the SEP or 401k. Although I think those two are more likely to conflict with each other as they both represent tax deductions. If it were me, I would absolutely run something like that by a CPA before executing on it. Tax laws are complex and it’s generally worth the professional advice once you’re making decent money.

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