Best to roll over previous employer 401K to TRADITIONAL IRA? (not Roth)?

Hi PFC team, I love the course! [ I hope this is the right place to submit the office hours questions :B]
It was mentioned it would be better to do a direct roll over (avoiding fees) of the previous employer 401K to a traditional IRA, however, if I’m interested in Roth IRAs in general, it is still recommended to open a Traditional IRA just to rollover the old 401K? (versus a Roth one / keeping it where it is/ combining it with new employer).
Thank you tons!

You can rollover from 401k to Traditional IRA, since both are (were) funded with PRE-tax money

To go from 401K to ROTH IRA, you would need to do the Backdoor method, since ROTH is funded with AFTER-TAX money.


I’ll cover this in tonight’s office hours (3/24/2021) with the recording available afterwards on the course site!

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