Brokerage account for property tax and to supplement retirement

My PFC Crew! My wife and I are in the middle of selling our current home and buying a new home (I know I know, not the most ideal time for either, but it’s what is best for our family right now). We’ve done relatively well for ourselves with both of our major real estate transactions, a sell/buy in 2016 and now again in 2024, in addition to aggressively paying down our current mortgage. So we have a ton of equity and we’ll have a nice chunk of change to throw at the new home, but I don’t want to throw ALL of it into the new home.

I’m strongly considering putting a hefty amount ($50k-$100k) into a brokerage account, as I don’t want escrow payments going to the mortgage lender. Then just investing our property tax payment and insurance payment into this brokerage account every month, and only withdrawing at the end of the year when property taxes are due.

Anyone have experience doing something like this? I know the downside will be the taxes on the withdraw when the time comes, but I’m also seeing this as a supplement to my existing ROTH 401k that I’m maxing out.

Thank you!

Hey Steve - great question! If you are on Facebook, I would join the PFC Facebook Group. There are 10K members in it and you will get an answer right away to a question like this, with a lot of different perspectives! Here is a link below!

Thanks Shane! I just requested to join the group.