Buying a car

I’m moving back to the States (Los Angeles, CA) after 7 years abroad. Will need a car. I never had a car as I lived in New York before, didn’t need it. What’s the smartest move financially? Buy not lease right (?) I don’t know much about cars. Any specific places to check out?

Personally I would wait until you get to LA to figure out where you’re going to live, what the parking situation is like, and what your USA budget is going to look like. New and used car prices are much higher than usual these days, so making a smart purchase will require taking all of those factors into account to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Depending on where you end up in LA, where you’re working, etc you might be able to get by at first with a bike, scooter, public transit, Uber or Lyft, etc.

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As Natalie pointed out buying cars is rough at the moment due to all the covid related supply chain issues. But in general, cars plummet in value. Financially, the less you can spend the better off you’ll be. So I’d look for a solid used car from a brand that traditionally has few maintenance issues. Buy it in cash, invest those lease/car payment dollars! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. What are some good solid brands?

This list is probably a good start?!