Buying house in or outside of the town

As a realtor for me is hard to advice my clients, now is my turn to decide it.

  1. Buy a new house outside of the city (like 1 hour driving)

  2. Buy a old house or small condo inside the city

Same price, similar taxes and expenses, would like to hear your opinions


It would probably depend on how long you’d like to live in the house for. If younger and single and you plan to upgrade at some point in the future, perhaps the condo. If you are looking to live there long term or have a family you’d probably consider the new house outside of the city. You probably also want to look at the school districts in the area and how you see the value of the homes / neighborhood appreciating in the future. It also depends on the total cost of ownership of both. Not sure if both homes are comparable in price. Both seem like good options, but if you’re not yet sold on either you could also continue renting until you know for sure which area you’d prefer. As Jeremy says, buying a home is usually a pretty poor financial choice and not an investment like most people say, but a personal lifestyle choice.