China Index/ETF

Hi Jeremy,

I would like to ask for your opinion or thoughts about investing in China ETF/Index funds. Do you think they are worth considering? Are their growth similar to other countries like Singapore or Hong Kong?

Hey @Hanz716!

I believe the global markets are very efficient these days. That means, I personally wouldn’t begin to assume I could guess more than anyone else whether China is is going to outperform any other countries relative to the price you’d have to pay to buy into their market.

That said, I do invest in China! But only via an international index fund. For example, Vanguard’s VXUS is a non-US stock market ETF. China makes up about 10.5% of that fund. So in my opinion, that’s about the right amount to own as part of your international allocation. Investing more (or less) than that is betting that you personally know more than the sum total of human knowledge that’s constantly being priced into the global markets. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply and your sharing Jeremy! :slight_smile:

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