Expound on IBonds

I have seen your post on ibonds and just reread but I am wondering if you could expound on what situations you may recommend it? Here’s my situation, I was a family doctor. I sold my house and had a fair amount of equity and moved to Florida to change my specialty to anesthesia. So I am in residency again. Making much less money. I dumped a fair amount in the market initially. Then realized I could take advantage of my companies 403b and 457 plans so I invest most of my paycheck into those plans and live off of my cash. However, I still hate the idea of having a lot of cash doing nothing so I am considering some ibond action but I am hesitant to waste my time. I like DCA with my tax efficient funds and trying to stretch my cash for another 22 months. Not sure if I can stretch the cash that much. But would like to. I understand ibonds historically don’t have near the returns they have now. And I would probably take out the money after 2 years or maybe sooner if I needed it ( and therefore lose out on three months interest)

Hi @N.Esh! Thank you for the question!

I think the best place to start would be listening to a short podcast that Jeremy did recently that’s focused on I Bonds. I’m biased, but I think it’s well worth the listen. Here is the link:

The main place I Bonds might be able to be used is if you know you will have a need for cash in 1-5 years or so, then they may be a good option. For example, it could be a good place to protect some cash against inflation if you’re saving for a home purchase or car more than a year out.

Keep us posted what questions you have after you listen to the podcast!