Fastest way to play catch up with investing at an older age


I feel like you mention investing for 30-40 years time frame a lot. I think you do have an older generation that also follows you. For someone that is a little older & wants to retire in like 12-15 yrs, what do you suggest for them to do to catch up? I have a money I am ready to invest in & also want to start investing about 40-50k a year for the next 12 yrs so I can retire at a decent younger age. Which Target Index fund would you suggest for this scenario? I am open to any feedback or suggestions.

I would love for you to show more on PFC & Instagram about investing at an older age for shorter time period.


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In my opinion at least, I don’t think age has a whole lot to do with your investments—it’s more about your time horizon to retirement.

What I mean by that is if you’re 30 years old and want to retire at 40, your investment strategy isn’t necessarily different than if you’re 50 and want to retire at 60.

Now, SSA and medicare could throw a wrench in things but that’s a different topic.

So far as retiring in 12-15 years, you need only achieve perfectly average returns that mirror the S&P 500 (or the total US stock market such as VTSAX or VTI for example) to do so along with your seemingly healthy investment level (40-50k).

But most importantly, will that support the spending you desire in retirement? That’s the key question.

I’d recommend checking out this calculator and plugging in your numbers to see how it comes out:

That calculator is a great tool to play with.

We write a lot about early retirement (with somewhere around a 10 year time horizon) and general consensus is to aim to have 25x your desired spending, invested, to retire and live off the proceeds. Those investments tend to be in well-diversified index funds.


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Hey Plantlady,
I’m in the same boat as you - thanks for speaking up!

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