Fidelity portfolio for retirement account. Overdoing it?

Here’s my fidelity portfolio setup (32 YO) for automatic investments for a brokerageLink (and brokerageLink ROTH) account. I get a feeling of overdoing it but I feel like I am getting the sum of parts right. The thinking behind is that since this would be like a 10-20 year old account and small and mid term markets may have a tendency to outperform large markets in long runs and also the total stock market index FZROX is cap weighted so I thought of having small and medium market indexes in the mix. REITs, international and Bonds are the other pieces in this mix. I wanted to have them as low as I can but don’t want to totally leave them out.
Note:This has to be in Fidelity because this is a 401k account and employer only offers through Fidelity.
Note2: This is also the same mix I am doing for ROTH IRA.

I am following the three fund portfolio of VTI,VXUS and BND mix for my taxable brokerage account with majority of % going for VTI (there’s no automated investment option here so I have to manually do it).

What do you think of it and what do you suggest to change it up? Thank you in advance.