First time investing

Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m kind of new in this overwhelming world of investing, however, I think I’m on the right track. I did Jeremy’s course ( which I’m glad, and started contributing to my target index fund) now my mom is doing it, but she’s kind of concern about what to do. I’m a resident in the US, but my mom lives in Argentina. She had some money saved and she wants to invest, however since she’s 55y, I’m not sure what’s her best course of action. I’m still in “the learning” process so I’m not sure if she should do what I’m doing ( on a international brokerage account) and just put in more money or if there is a better option for her. Hope you someone can help me / my mom on this journey.

Thanks a lot

Hi @AndreaTinedo! You are definitely on the right track! The fact that you have taken the course sets you apart from most! I might be biased though :blush:

Unfortunately, I am not well versed in international brokerage options and I’m not familiar with the funds that would be available to her. I’m hoping someone else here might be able to help. I’m sorry I could not be of more help!

I think your Mum should get a US brokerage account. Try Interactive Brokers or TD Ameritrade.

Good Luck