How much will your investing course cost?

Hello. Will you share how much your new investing course will cost? Thanks!

I haven’t announced it yet! I’m still deciding to be honest. I’ll announce it and give more details during the last week of September. But I thought I’d mention some of the reasons I’m choosing to charge:

  • Consumers often equate price with value. If I offered it for free I’m afraid a lot of people would assume free is junk and not finish it or not take it seriously. If a student puts a bit of their own money down, then they have skin in the game and want to get as much out of it as possible and will have a better learning outcome!
  • To fund the free content. I’m already stretched pretty thin, but I would love to grow PFC more to help more people. (Podcast, youtube, more original research, etc) If I can do that with a sustainable business model by charging for a small portion of what we do, it can help to fund everything else!
  • To cover my expenses. I’m already down a few thousand bucks on PFC (website expenses, recording equipment, conferences, giveaways, etc). I’d like to at least stay in the black!
  • So I take it more seriously. Truth be told, I’m putting a LOT more work into polishing this course to make sure anyone who takes it gets their money worth… maybe I equate price with value too?!
  • It’s not a conflict of interest like affiliate deals. I think with the traction I’ve gotten on Instagram and on this site I could partner with a bunch of different financial services companies (they ask me all the time). I am very hesitant to do that because as soon as I’m taking money from another company, consciously or subconsciously the information I provide may become biased. i.e. if a certain bank or mutual fund company is sponsoring me, I’d probably want to give them favorable reviews to keep that sweet paycheck coming. Charging for the course let’s me use the proceeds to fund the free content without the conflict of interest.
  • To grow a charitable giving program. I’ll be donating 20% of sales (not profits, but actually 20% off the top) to various charitable organizations. I plan to do a different one each month. 20% of all sales in a given month will go to that charity.

I think it would be great to have a business model that funds the free content along with charitable giving! An economic engine for good! :slight_smile:

All that said, I want to keep it inexpensive and accessible too. What do you think would be a reasonable price?!


I would definitely pay for this course


I think $100 would be a reasonable price! My friend Tori at Her First $100k charged $100 for her intro classes I think. She doesn’t comment on specific people’s situations mostly because this is now her full time job. I love that you do comment on people’s specific situations, ask clarifying questions, and say what you’d do in the situation, all for free! But I’ve been afraid for a while now that this might not last as you scale. It’s inevitable and I’d be happy for you either way!


Yeah, SOME DAY I won’t be able to keep up with everything… I’m already getting 50 or so DMs a day, plus everything on this forum, plus trying to respond to stuff in the comments, plus the facebook page, plus creating the course, PLUS creating all the content. I’m hoping with a little revenue I’ll be able to build something even better that will help more people than just trying to hustle more myself :slight_smile:



Thanks for responding to the question. I was really excited when I saw that you will be launching a course soon. I thoroughly enjoy the content that you put out now. It’s easy to understand, engaging, researched-based and thought provoking. I’ve learned a lot from you. I totally understand that you are investing time, money and your knowledge into building such as course. You should absolutely charge for this!! I don’t have a number that I can give you. I just wanted to have an idea so I could budget and be ready to pay for it. Glad to hear that you will make it available at a reasonable price. I look forward to the release. I know it will be awesome! Thanks so much for all your help!


Just take our money already Jeremy! We need the course! :innocent:


You’re building an awesome community and we all see how hard you’re working, when really, you could just travel and eat amazing food and never have to work another day in your life. Don’t forget to rest and take breaks and don’t let trolls get you down. Thank you for replying as much as you do!