How to max HSA contributions for 2021?

When I originally signed up for my HSA, I set my contribution to $3,000. I just got off the phone with the benefits manager to increase that to the max of $3,600 so my payroll deductions are increased. However, I will not meet the $3,600 cap by end of Dec 2021 (Or is it April 2022 that we can contribute up until?). My other question is what is the best way to cap my HSA? If I pay post-payroll that money has already been taxed… is that something I can report on my taxes to get the benefit? Thank you in advance!

If you make contributions in addition to your HSA deductions from your payroll you can deduct them from your taxes. Just make sure you don’t go over the annual contribution limit, and that includes any money your employer has given/matched for you.

You have until the tax deadline to make those payments.

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Thank you, Don, for your time and wisdom!