Income changes after getting married - Roth IRA

I have a Roth IRA question I am hoping you can help me with or point me in the right direction. I have been diligently investing $500/month in my Roth for the last two years. I have always been just under the income limit, but when I get married next month, my fiancé and I will be over the limit for a couple. I am wondering how this will affect the money I have already invested this year. From what I have read the fact that it was invest prior to getting married won’t matter, and filing our taxes separately won’t help either. Am I just destined to pay a penalty this year? Can the money still sit there and grow without penalty if I don’t put anymore in it?
Finally, I plan to continue to invest in my 401k and hope to max it out, but otherwise is a taxable brokerage account our best option?
Thanks for all your help!