Index Fund for HSA?

Hi there! I finally managed to transfer my HSA funds from UMB into Fidelity. My 401k is in Vanguard target retirement 2055 and I have some other money in VFIAX. I want to be a little more aggressive with my HSA funds (it’s <$5k) but am not sure which index fund makes the most sense to avoid overlap. Something with international stocks? FZROX? FSKAX? Are these the same? I’m lost! Thank you!!

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FZROX and FSKAX would be excellent options! They’re both the same thing except FZROX is one of Fidelity’s zero-fee funds which means it has a 0% expense ratio. There may be some other minor differences such as number of holdings in the fund and the dividend schedule. There’s also no issue with just throwing it into a target date index fund. Since the amount is so little, the bond exposure isn’t really that big of a problem.