International Index Fund Help!

Hey there,

I am from the UK.

I am currently investing in VUSA S&P500 through Vanguard with a total fee of 0.25%.

However, I want to diversify into international index funds - I am thinking either TSE Developed World UCITS ETF (VEVE) with a total fee of 0.35% or FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (VWRL) with a total fee of 0.44%. (Vangaurd)

Which do you think is the better international Index fund to invest in?

Also, I am thinking of switching my brokerage to Trading 212. Does anyone know what there fees are?


Hey Alex, I’m not familiar with non-US investing so excuse my ignorance if I give an improper opinion, but do you have the option to invest in VTSAX and VTIAX? If so, those are the typically the top recommended total stock market indexes for US and international, respectively. They both have very low expense ratios of .04% and .11%. They are also available as ETFs if you’d prefer to go that route.

I’m not sure what Trading 212 is, but Vanguard is notorious for low-cost index investing so I wouldn’t invest elsewhere unless there are features you feel are lacking.

If you have other investment options from Vanguard as a UK investor then sorry this might not help! I’m sure Jeremy or Vivi may be able to help.

Thanks man! I really appreciate your reply!

Unfortunately, I don’t have those options.

For now I think I may stick with VUSA - S&P500 index and keep researching on international funds.

Thanks again!