Investing and Business related questions

●Why do people from the sidewalk lane of wealth (ie actors, artists(singers and painting on canvas), athletes, internet personalities quickly/gradually transition to the entrepreneurial route?
●How to make the best use of the least amount of resources the person has?
●What’s the difference between these two groups of rich people (Billionaires and Multi- Millionaires buying luxury yachts, mansions, cars, jets etc v/s people who invested for years and didn’t spend luxuriously like Ronald Reed) and why the people in the former choose to buy these items and their PR team making them look like humble people like in the latter)?
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  1. Creatives often have an entrepreneurial spirit and often prefer the feeedom and flexibility that comes with it. Often they don’t feel belining in traditional corporate roles (generalizing from anecdotal evidence of creatives I know.

  2. I’ve written a series on this (keeping self promoting to a minimum unless greenlighted by I’ve tried writing a series on this.

I think it all boils down to planning. The more you can plan to use your cash as little as possible, float on your credit card (and pay it back), DIY, and buy at the optimal cost/quality ratio.

My partner and I get the most out of the grocery budget when we plan. Repeating meals helps keep on budget and unexpected costs. Also planning for the future in every aspect as well.

Getting creative (and tying the entrepreneurship route in question 1) to bring in anything extra to pay off debt or get ahead helps.

In Get Smart With Money now on Netflix, Paula works with a lower income earner and Paula shows why I think she is one of the most strategic and creative personal finance experts in the FI community.

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