Investing from Europe

I’m based in Italy and I have a software business. I keep my money in EUR but my revenue is mainly in USD and I exchange USD to EUR about once a month.

I’ve looked at the strategy you mentioned to invest in the US Stock Market, International, Bonds but I wonder if it makes sense for me to invest in the EU market instead of the US to avoid the currency exchange risk?

I think that makes the most sense for bonds but also for shares. What do you think?

PS: I researched a little more and I saw there are hedged funds. Do it make sense to use a Hedged fund to invest in S&P. Does it make a difference having an Hedged fund if you are investing in the long term? Or it’s irrelevant?

Hey @nagar!

International investing isn’t something PFC currently covers! I personally have only lived in the US so I hesitate to give feedback on international situations. It sounds like you’re thinking about the issues well though, so I think you’re on the right track! :slight_smile: