Investing in REIT. Is it worth it?

Hi everybody! First of all, thanks for your answers in advance. My question is is it worth investing in REIT or am I better off investing in real estate the good old way? Any info is greatly appreciated. ~ Alina

I think this is a personal decision. Investing in REITs will obviously be cheaper and completely hands off, but you may not reap the potential rewards of physical real estate.

Physical real estate will require much more up front capital, hands-on management and ongoing costs… but could potentially be a lot more lucrative if the property cash flows and appreciates over time

REITs are a good choice if you just want some portfolio diversification without having to physically deal with any property, and the dividend yield is comparable to bonds. Check out $VNQ

But yeah overall its up to you. Physical real estate offers more risk/reward while REITs will essentially just act as low-cost portfolio diversification