Investment strategy

Hi Jeremy,

I’m starting a new job at $150k a year.

Looks like I can no longer invest in a Roth and honestly don’t want to do a back door Roth because it sounds complicated with the timing.

My plan is to max out my 401k (although it is not matched yet by the new company, they are planning to in the near future)

Max out in HSA account

Invest in a Brokerage account.

What do you’re opinion? Thanks so much.

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Hey Brenda,

I’m not Jeremy but I’m in the same tax bracket and with the same situation so I can share with you what I found out to be a good option:

  • Max out 401K
  • Invest in the brokerage
  • Max out Traditional post-tax IRA and roll them in on a Roth IRA

It’s less complicate that it sounds (some brokers as Vanguard has even a button to transfer from Trad to Roth) :slight_smile:

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I started late in the game. Retired. I invest in a brokerage account.

Hi Brenda!

I’ll cover this in tonight’s office hours (5/5/2021) with the recording available afterwards on the course site!

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