IRA to IRA rollover

I have an IRA with thrivent I made before ever getting into PFC. I am kicking myself for doing so because all the advisor did was put it in a mod aggressive index and has done absolutely nothing. Something I could do on my own with a TDIF. I have a roth IRA with vanguard and would like to open a IRA with them and rollover my thrivent one. How difficult is that to do? Has anyone worked with thrivent before? I would like to avoid contact with this advisor because I am unhappy with his lack of communication.

Hey @Jscheckler!

It shouldn’t be too hard. You probably can do it exclusively through Vanguard. Just go to Vanguard and initiate a transfer from another account. You can rollover your Thrivent IRA into Vanguard. It’s not an especially elegant process… it will take a few days and might require uploading a statement or making a call or something. But it’s generally well worth the effort. Here’s a page that may help you get started, or you can give Vanguard a call!

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Thanks @Jeremy. One last question. On vanguard it says that I may have to obtain a Signed Medallion guarantee stamp? I can’t seem to find anywhere if Thrivent requires that? Would you happen to know more about what this is?

I think I’ve only heard of that once before, and if my memory serves it was outdated or unnecessary or something. This article has some more info on it!

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