Is there a benefit of having an account on 3 famed brokerages?

I’ve been wondering if I were to only invest in a 2050 Target Date Index Fund, Vanguard (VFIFX), Fidelity (FIPFX) and Schwab (SWYMX), that from what I’ve read tend to be very similar between brokerages; is there a benefit of having a brokerage in each one or would it come down to just the brokerage’s philosophy or is there a merit to have an account on each one with the same purpose? Maybe I’m just making it more complicated? TIA

Why would you own all 3 and not just 1 of them? I’m pretty sure they’re all the same thing, you just want to watch the expense ratios. Vanguard is known for having the best TDIF I believe. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question

I feel you did understand the question, I have the same understanding, that the 3 of them are doing almost the same thing and the expense rations are very comparable.

I wanted to know if anyone has a similar account on all 3 and why are they doing it.

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