Just got engaged! Thoughts on Jewelry Insurance?

Hi All! Has anyone purchased jewelry insurance from either Briteco or Jewelers mutual? I can’t seem to find which is better.

Also, what are your thoughts on zero-dollar deductibles? How can we determine what the best option is between deductible and premiums?

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything useful to add here about those insurance companies that you mentioned…but I did want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s incredibly exciting!! :blush: :blush: I’m very happy for both of you!!

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Congratulations! I use to do insurance and JIBNA had the best policy, zero deductible and had great coverage and discounts for many things. I personally have mine with State Farm, Im grandfathered into their old personal articles policy that has zero deductible and super cheap premiums. I recommend it for sure depending on price point.

Congratulations! No specific feedback on those companies, but I do try to minimize insurance premiums to things that would be catastrophic. With the money I save on additional policies or lower deductibles, I fund my emergency fund which is there for any bumps along the way. I do think this save money over time, ensures I don’t own things I cannot afford to lose, and prevents any hassles or let-downs when filing claims down the road (I hate dealing with insurance companies).

This podcast episode has a good section on emergency funds as “self-insurance”. Stacking Benjamins and Modern Money Management | All The Hacks Podcast

Cheers and good luck!


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