Late start...45

Hi All
I recently joined the community. I have 24K debt. 4K in savings, and recently accepted a life-changing job offer. I have intentionally educated myself on stocks, investing, etc., but I still have much to learn. I am now in a position where I can live off 45% of my income, but I have a few questions.

  1. Does this community recommend the snowball method when paying off debt? ( I am not a fan, as I think you should have more than 1k saved)
  2. Is the recommendation to start with an EFT if you’re 45? If so, how can I find the correct symbols for fidelity?
  3. Apologies if I missed this, as I only completed the free intro video. How much emergency savings does the community recommend?

Hi Kimberly,
Congratulations on the job offer!!! That is amazing that you can live off of 45% of your income!!

  1. See this post! The Debt Snowball Method – Personal Finance Club
  2. We like target date index funds and you can find the ticker symbol here: Seven reasons to put 100% of your portfolio in a target date index fund – Personal Finance Club
  3. See this post about how much cash you should keep! How much cash should I hold in my checking, savings, and investment accounts? – Personal Finance Club

Thank you! These articles were extremely helpful and answered all my questions.