Leaving Advisor

Thanks to PFC, I decided to leave my financial advisor and the brokerage they use. I didn’t understand how much fees can eat into one’s returns until PFC. I am transferring my IRA to Vanguard where the fees are one-fifth the price and I have no advisory fee. With that said, is it better to wait until dividends are paid out this quarter to transfer to Vanguard, or go ahead and do it as soon as possible? I’m not sure if it even matters in the long run. Thank you!

Congratulations @RomaRach on taking control of your financial life!

Good question! When dividends are paid, the share price often falls by a similar amount. So in other words, there is no real advantage to try and time buys and sells based on the dividend schedule.

I hope this helps! Keep us posted if you have any other questions!