Living in the UK - which brokerage account is best for Targ date index funds?

I live in Northern Ireland and was wondering what brokerage account is best to open to be able to invest in a target date index fund.

Also, is there a tax efficient way of doing this e.g investing through a tax free cash ISA?


Hi Ben,
Target date index funds might not be available in your country, and if that is the case, we suggest the three fund portfolio: Three-Fund Portfolio – Personal Finance Club
I’m not sure if Vanguard is available in Ireland but for non US investors we think Interactive Brokers is a great option. We can’t speak on taxes as that is specific to the country you are living in !

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Hi @Ben

I am also in the UK. I’m glad to see another member who is in the same market as I am as there are some differences and similarities with the US investing terms and strategies.

Fidelity and Vanguard are available here and I am currently using the latter. They have Target Retirement Funds as well as Life Strategy Funds.

As for your question about tax-efficient strategy, I am using a Stocks and Share ISA instead of a General Account which can be maxed out at 20,000GBP. It is a tax-advantaged account although I am not 100% sure if it taxes on non-capital gains.

Hope this helps!


Lucky that you have fidelity and vanguard. I’m from Portugal and it’s not easy to found a decent broker.