Mega or just backdoor roth. .my job says they don't offer it

My HR said they dont offer a mega or backdoor roth…or is this something any high earner can do in any job?

An employer never offers backdoor or mega backdoor Roth roptions - that’s not their job. So of course your HR will tell you no. What you need to ask your 401k administrator is:

  1. Does your 401k allow after-tax contributions? (Note: after-tax contributions is not the same as Roth contributions; they are 2 different things.)
  2. Does your 401k allow withdrawals while you’re an active employee of the company? If so, most likely you are allowed to rollover your after-tax balance into a Roth IRA. Some companies also allow withdrawal of Company match while you’re active too. Ask your plan administrator.

If the answer to both questions is yes, to mega backdoor roth, you just need to request a Rollover of the after-tax contributed balance into a Roth IRA before the balance accrues any gains to avoid paying additional taxes.

I only recommend contributing after-tax if you have exceeded the $19,500 contribution limit for pre-tax and Roth 401k though.

Thank you for your very informative and useful response. I will try this.