Minimum for Index would exceed Roth contribution

Hi! Loving this community! I’m trying to purchase another Index fund but the $3,000 minimum (Vanguard) would exceed my 2021 Roth contribution - so it’s not letting me purchase. How can I contribute to investments through index funds if the yearly minimum has already been met?

Thank you!

Hi @Susan_Stalte!

A few options:

  • Sell some of another fund you own in your IRA to make the necessary $3K available
  • Invest in a fund with a lower minimum (like Vanguard’s target date index funds)
  • Invest in the ETF version of the mutual fund. (e.g. VTI instead of VTSAX or VT instead of VTWAX)

Do any of those make sense for you?!

Yes! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer.

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Oh, I forgot an important option. You can always put more money into an index fund you already own. In my Vanguard account I own exactly one index fund. Every time I contribute more money I just add it to that index fund! :slight_smile: