Multiple investment accounts or just one?

Hi friends! I currently have an Acorns account that I have been contributing to (it’s an app that does side investing) and I have a Roth IRA as well as a brokerage account. After my Roth is maxed out, is it best to consolidate the rest of my money into one account or does it not really matter?

Also should I open up a Traditional IRA? Is there a reason to have a Traditional AND a Roth?

Thanks for the help! Just trying to work smarter not harder.

Consolidating accounts is just a matter of preference. I prefer to have all my accounts in one brokerage, but I know many others who, for instance, use Schwab for their Roth, Fidelity for a custodial account, Vanguard for a traditional account etc. I can see how that might be easier for some people.

No reason to have both a traditional and a Roth IRA. You are allowed to do so, but between both you can only invest 6k per year.