Need help as a Canadian investor

Hello PFC community and my fellow Canadians! Is anyone using questrade or wealthsimple? Or what brokerage is good for a beginner Canadian investor in 2022?

I was looking at other threads in this community back in 2020 to start my portfolio in VUS, VOOG or VUN, is there any other to look into?

Have a great day!

Hi Natalie,

We’ve heard good things about Wealthsimple, and Vanguard is available in Canada as well!

In this article we have a list of the 3 Canadian Vanguard ETFs to build a three fund portfolio! Three-Fund Portfolio – Personal Finance Club

Hi Vivi, I’ve heard both you and Jeremy mention Vanguard might be available in Canada.

By this do you mean the Vanguard funds/ETFs themselves? Looking on their site it mentions only their ‘products’ which we would have to buy through a 3rd party brokerage, but it does not give us an option to open an account the same way it was demonstrated during the lessons.

BTW @nnguyen , I share some of those same concerns! I started a separate thread where I get into fine details of the whole Canadian situation. Hope it can be of help.

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Thank for your response!

I currently have a mutual funds TFSA account with my personal bank in Canada, would it be wise to take all that money that has been accumulating for 10 years and now just start a new portfolio with index/ETFs such as VUS, VEF, VGAB on wealthsimple?