Need help as a Canadian investor

Hello PFC community and my fellow Canadians! Is anyone using questrade or wealthsimple? Or what brokerage is good for a beginner Canadian investor in 2022?

I was looking at other threads in this community back in 2020 to start my portfolio in VUS, VOOG or VUN, is there any other to look into?

Have a great day!

Hi Natalie,

We’ve heard good things about Wealthsimple, and Vanguard is available in Canada as well!

In this article we have a list of the 3 Canadian Vanguard ETFs to build a three fund portfolio! Three-Fund Portfolio – Personal Finance Club

Hi Vivi, I’ve heard both you and Jeremy mention Vanguard might be available in Canada.

By this do you mean the Vanguard funds/ETFs themselves? Looking on their site it mentions only their ‘products’ which we would have to buy through a 3rd party brokerage, but it does not give us an option to open an account the same way it was demonstrated during the lessons.

BTW @nnguyen , I share some of those same concerns! I started a separate thread where I get into fine details of the whole Canadian situation. Hope it can be of help.

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Thank for your response!

I currently have a mutual funds TFSA account with my personal bank in Canada, would it be wise to take all that money that has been accumulating for 10 years and now just start a new portfolio with index/ETFs such as VUS, VEF, VGAB on wealthsimple?

Yes, I think this must be what Vivi means as this is what I found in a search on vanguard funds: Vanguard funds are managed by Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. and are available across Canada through registered dealers (e.g.,brokerage accounts like Wealthsimple or Questtrade). Whereas it seems in the US that Vanguard is a brokerage account as well as the name for various index funds. I’m also in Canada and trying to figure this all out.

I think Canadian in a T-Shirt is a good resource on YouTube!