Need help with 401K following Jeremy's course

Hi everyone!

I have a traditional and Roth 401K through Fidelity. I met with an advisor ages ago and have the following investments:

FXAIX (ER 0.015%)
FCNKX (ER 0.74%)
FLPKX (ER 0.56%)
VSSLX (ER 0.78%)
FNSBX (ER 0.65%)

1: From what I understand from Jeremy’s course, I don’t need that many investments. Should I combine them?

2: The ER for the target date index fund (FNSBX) is 0.65%. I know Jeremy said to invest in a TDIF but to consider the ER; therefore, should I go with FXAIX instead?

Thank you for helping me as I try to understand and make decisions for my future!


Hi mchestnutt,

  1. You don’t need that many different funds because many of them probably overlap!

  2. You can follow this guide to learn how to pick your 401k investments (see the last image): How to pick your 401k investments – Personal Finance Club

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you! I am now the proud owner of only three funds!

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Wooooooohooo! Congrats!! :heart_eyes: :tada: