New Employer 401k options - TIAA-CREF

Hello PFC community! I recently started a new job after 5 months of unemployment (yeehaaww!).

My new employer seems to have some decent options for their 401k, but I’m not familiar at all with the TIAA-CREF index funds they offer. Here are the two I’m looking at:

TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2050 Fund Institutional Class

TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2055 Fund Institutional Class

Does anyone here have experience with these, good or bad? Shane, Vivi, Jeremy?

Thank you!

Hi @sgman!

Thank you for the question and congrats on the new gig! Those funds meet the PFC criteria! They are index funds (target date index fund in this case) and they are low cost (0.10%). I am familiar with the TIAA LifeCycle Index funds and have no problems with them!

This PFC article walks through an overview of target date funds if you want to check it out!

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Thank you so much, Shane! I appreciate the speedy response. From the quick research I did, it seemed like a good target date index fund, but figured I would ask the PFC community, too. Looking forward to maxing this out!!

After a year at my last job, my employer began to match my contribution to a 401(k) via TIAA-Cref, and they put it in the 2055 target-date index fund. (I can’t remember which one, exactly.) It seems to have done really well, yielding (thus far) something like 10x what was put into it over the past ~year and a half.

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