Old and New Roth IRA situation

Hey Guys.
If I have an old Roth IRA one that I started a long time ago and forgot about and have started a New Roth, am I allowed to have both and find both or
should I just roll one into another?
Or should I fund one to a certain amount and just stop and let it do it’s thing?

Thank you

Yes, you can definitely have two, but there’s no benefit to it. Your contribution is capped at $6,000/year total. So while it’s fine to open a new one and make all future contributions there, I’d suggest finding the old one and rolling it into the new one so you don’t lose track of it, and you can make sure those investments are growing in low cost index funds! :slight_smile:

Okay that being said, would you recommend Charles Schwab or Fidelity ?

Both are great, both have equally great investment options. I happen to personally use Fidelity because I have forever and they have great services and support, but many people use and are super happy with Schwab as well. One won’t make you more rich than the other. Pick based on your personal preference.

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Thank you so much!! And awesome platform.
When can I come work for Personal Finance Club? :wink:

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As soon as I figure out how to make some money!

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I have so many questions!

Am I allowed to invest unemployment money?

Hey @ChristopherDC, I will take a stab at this one. :sweat_smile: While technically you can invest the money, due to some laws and regulations, investment income can prevent you from unemployment eligibility. If all your bills and living necessities are covered, there are other ways of investing than Index Funds. One idea: you could use the spare money to take a certification course for a field of your choosing. This could lead to additional income or an entirely new job opportunity! With the limitations on in-person gathering, it is easier to find an online course.

Personally, I would suggest saving the unemployment money to help cover future bills and costs, as there are talks of the new provisions to cut the benefits down. Having an emergency fund is vital right now.


Thank you so much
I have my emergency funds In place but really want to get my investments in stronger working order. I won’t have any income from investments because I want to reinvest. And I only have a Roth IRA and 401k so I wouldn’t be making any income from it.

Also can someone please tell me how to invest so I can get dividends deposited into my account each quarter? I’m so confused lol

Here are a couple of books that I have found useful for understanding some foundational definitions of personal finance.

Specifically for making sure your dividends and capital gains are being reinvested, that is a site specific setting. In Fidelity (which you mentioned above) it is under “Accounts & Trade -> Account Features-> Brokerage &Trading”. Fidelity also has a great educational section for investing and personal finance! You can find it under “Research -> Learning Center”.