Opinion on having a taxed account and roth ira

Hi there. I have a roth ira and a taxable brokerage account. Currently in my roth irs i have vttsx and plan to keep only that fund. In my taxable brokerage i have and etf portfolio meant for long term and some individual stocks. I personally would love to keep all of my money in my roth ira but since its already maxed, i have put it into my taxed account. Is this a bad move, or are there better ways of handling things? The way i was thinking about it was using my non roth account as a “taxed roth ira” basically. So i have the same intention of holding long term. Let me know what you think and if theres a better approach, thanks! Also i am very new to this being 19 so i am willing to have risk

Sounds like you’re doing extremely well. You have the same problem I do. Too much money to fit into the Roth IRA. So yep, the overflow goes in a regular/taxable brokerage account with the same long term buy and hold strategy. That’s great. I work my way down this investing checklist in order of priority: