Order of 457 with a 401a (yes, "a")

My state employer requires contributions to a 401(a) and offers a 457(b) to supplement; no 401k. My partner and I also have Roth IRAs and a HSA account.

After reviewing this post, I’m hoping to clarify the checklist order with a 457 when a 401k is not available. Would the 457(b) take priority before HSA and Roth IRA? Or fall after Roth IRAs?

  1. 401(a) - mandatory percentage
  2. 457(b) - ($19,500)
  3. HSA - ($7,200 for family)
  4. Roth IRAs - ($6,000 each - $12,000)
  5. Tax Brokerage

Thanks for all the great information!