Outside US: What good brokeage are available?

Hi everyone
Im ready to start investing and kinda excited :grin:.

I have 500/month to invest and since I know that TDIF are not so easy to get ouside the US(Im from Panama) Im planning on creating my 3 funds Porfolio with ETFs. There are a couple of brokeage that I have learned of but I still not decided one. One close friend of mine told me that Interactive Brokeage is a good one but Im kinda lost in their interface. Did anyone ouside the US knows a good Brokeage to create an account with? or is anyone familiar with the Interactive Brokeage interface? :thinking:

Thanks in advance

I’ve only invested from within the US, so I’m far from an expert, but from what I’ve heard Interactive Brokers is decent and serves most countries. You might be looking at transactional fees though so it might be worth doing the math and deciding how often to invest. i.e. you might want to make a purchase for 1500 every three months instead of 500 per month to cut your transactional costs by 3x.