Paranoid About My TDFs

Hello! I’m investing 20% of my gross income into a 401k, HSA, and Roth IRA. They’re all in 2060 Index TDFs and I’m 30 years old. Running my numbers in the Personal Finance Club Retirement Calculator, I’ll probably retire in my mid-50s, but that’s different from what my TDF year suggests. Am I okay keeping a 2060 TDF for my 401k, HSA, and Roth IRA even if I were to retire way before the year of those funds? Thanks for the help.

The year of the fund actually has nothing to do with when you actually retire! We think of the asset allocation of TDIFs to be based more on your lifespan rather than your working timeline. So the year should be around the time you turn 65-70 regardless of your retirement date. So you’re good :slight_smile:

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