Ready to go on our own!

Hi there,
My husband (45) and I (43) have been with Ameriprise for about 15 years, adding funds when we can. We each have an IRA, Roth IRAs, he has a SEP IRA (transferred from an old 401k I think), we have three 529 accounts (three kids), and term life insurance (i have one, he has two). We just took Jeremy’s class and are so excited to transition to doing this on our own and making a commitment to saving. I think what we need to do is initiate a transfer of accounts into our new Fidelity account, and then I will tell our advisor that we have done so. I am unsure, though, what to do about the life insurance policies. Do those transfer, too? Should we just keep that with Ameriprise? I now know we also need to start 403b with our employers. I will take any and all advice anyone wants to share! Thank you.

Term life insurance you could probably keep with Ameriprise if it isn’t too outrageously expensive