Retiring early/fees

Ok so this is a question that I had… if my plan is to retire early and let’s just say my FI/RE number is 50 and of course I have a 401k/brokerage acc from 50-59.5 you can’t touch the 401 because of the heavy fee however like would I be taking from the brokerage for almost 10 yrs to pay for living expenses? Would I want to grow that first or because if I do retire early and start taking from the brokerage’s would I also be impacted by fees?? I’m new to all of this or should I ask how does someone retire early without touching there 401ks

Hi Chris!

Thank you for the question. Yes, I agree with where you are going with your question. I think a brokerage account will serve you well on your early retirement journey.

Jeremy made a post on this topic a couple years ago. Here it is below for your reference. It should address a lot of what you are thinking through. Please keep us posted if you have any other questions!