Roth and Traditional IRA

I was with an employer this year until Aug, they had 401K I have a 10K contribution in it. I also have maxed out my Roth IRA for this year’s limit of 6K.
I have moved to a different employer starting Sep that does not start my 401k until 6 months.
Now, I do not have an option for 401K until next year. I do not have an HDHP so I cannot make an HSA contribution either.
Will I be able to make a contribution to Traditional IRA now for this year? can I max out both Traditional and Roth IRA with 6K each?
What other option do I have to save some Tax? Any suggestions?


Hi @bobgally,

You won’t be able to max out both a Roth IRA and Traditional IRA. The 2022 contribution limit is $6,000 between the two accounts.

Contributions to an IRA for 2022 can be made from Jan 2022 to April 15th 2023 (tax day).