Roth Ira/401k funds

Hello, I’m 38 years old and have my entire 401k in Vanguard Target date 2050 “vfifx”. I just opened a roth Ira and only have about $1500 in it and also have it in vfifx. I work for a railroad and will be able to retire with full railroad retirement at age 60 rather than social security and was wondering if I wanted to be alittle more aggressive with both 401k and roth and change both to target retire 2055 “vffvx” or leave the 401k in the 2050 fund and change the Roth to somthing like vtwax total world stock fund

Hi Brandon - thank you for the question! That’s great that you have both a 401k and a Roth IRA! The difference between the 2050 and the 2055 target date fund is minimal - they are very, very similar funds.

As far as VTWAX vs a 2050 target date fund, I don’t have much of a preference between them. Both are good options. The target date fund will automatically become more conservative as the years go by. But you would need to change the allocations manually to a bond fund in the future if you were in a fund like VTWAX.