Roth IRA, can you buy and sell freely without being taxed?

Let’s say you’re investing in a Roth IRA account. For whatever reason you want to reallocate, rebalance your funds. Can you buy and sell freely as a regular brokerage account? I understand if you have gains you would be taxed if it’s before 59yo, but is this also true if you immediately reinvest it? Or if you sell at a loss, is that credited against any gains? Just wondering if it operates like a regular brokerage account aside from the tax aspect. Thanks

You can trade mutual funds within your Roth IRA without any tax consequences.

Not sure about mutual funds, but with stocks in an IRA you don’t get to deduct any losses.

As far as I know there is 0 tax implication. Meaning you are not taxed capital gains and you cannot claim any losses either.