Hi I helped my 18YO nephew open his first Roth IRA. He works and goes to college. I suggested FZROX since there in no expense ratio. I like FXAIX as well. What would be best. He’s also interested in international funds. Any assistance ? Should he also invest in a target date fund? . He’s pretty young so I figured that can wait until he has a 401k once he graduates.
. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

There’s an international zero ER fund I have in FZILX.

I also have FZROX in both my IRA’s (Roth & traditional). If interested he could go with the 3 fund boglehead suggested portfolio or do a similar asset mix of the target date fund using the several no ER fund options.

There’s really no “best.” Invest early and often into to what you understand.

Thank you. What is the bogelhead ? I appreciate your response right now he’s only doing 160 a month. But I have ppl trying to tell him to just buy individual stocks. So I’m trying to explain the funds but it may not be working all the way.

It’s similar to a DIY/Build your own. Target date fund.