Roth IRA Holdings - VFIFX & VGSLX

Hi All,

In January I made the switch to a TDIF (VFIFX) as I preferred the auto-rebalancing of the fund versus having to keep up with the maintenance over the long-term. I also decided to invest in VGSLX (REIT Index) as a way to get some exposure to real estate.

Taking into consideration the expense ratios of both funds from a long-term perspective, do you think holding VGSLX is even worth it? Or should I exchange it over to VFIFX?

VFIFX exp: 0.15%
VGSLX exp: 0.12%

What I don’t want to happen is having the expense ratios eating away at future returns. My initial thoughts were to do a 50/50 contribution going forward. Or do a 90/10 split of my contribution, with VFIFX in favor of getting the 90%.

Looking forward to feedback!


I’ll cover this in tonight’s office hours (11/4/2020) with the recording available afterwards on the course site!

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