Roth IRA - how to invest after contributing?

Hi! I just contributed into my Roth IRA target date index fund. I assume I need to do something else to actually invest the money - there is a balance in “cash available to trade”. Now what - do I click “trade” then invest in Stocks/ETF or in Mutual Funds??? I assume it doesn’t invest automatically? Thank you!

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You would choose “Mutual Fund” if you are looking to invest in a target date index date and then you have enter the ticker symbol of the index fund you wish you purchase.

Below is a guide of the index funds:


Hi Jewe,
Good call! Many people don’t realize this until many years later only to find out that their money did not grow :dizzy_face: But you are correct, the money doesn’t invest automatically and you will need to click buy or trade in order to buy the fund.

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